Goodbye tumblr

I’ve drastically reduced my post on here because my mother is stalking me and trying to steal photos of my son. She has already acquired photos from Facebook and Instagram, so I will be taking a long break from this tumbler blog in hopes that she can’t get anymore. Thanks to all my followers watching me through my pregnancy and for all the helpful advice and cheerful comments! Until we meet again!


Nanny Cam

Should we tell our new friend Robyn that we will have a nanny cam so we will be watching when she babysits on Miranda’s birthday? We will be gone for 5-8 hours and have only known her for 2 months really. She has an 8 year old son and is nice and all, but he’s our everything so we want to make sure she treats him well, doesn’t raid our pantry, treats our dogs well and doesn’t go through drawers and stuff in the house. I am conflicted about telling her we are going to have a camera. Thoughts???

caseycwt asked

Just popping up to day hello! How have you been??

Awe thanks! I’m good! We’ve been really busy with Miranda having job offers and random interviews, Tristan is growing like a weed and is a super easy baby- he smiles all the time, and I’m happy and making more friends now. Life is good :)

Someone please explain to me how it’s possible my wife I only did one bathroom and the time it took me to clean a bathroom living room dining room kitchen and bedroom….. I’m so mad I left the house with a screaming baby in the living room :/

I’m so in love with my son! It’s been 2 months and he is so perfect and I’m so proud of my body after having him only 8 weeks ago! Life is amazing with Tristan in it

adventures-with-anabelle asked

Your son is absolutely adorable!! He's gotten so big! I hope everything is going okay! :)

Thanks! He’s too big already lol! Stop growing Tristan!!!! He’s in a growth spurt right now bc he slept all day and is eating a ton! My baby boy is growing and already fitting into 3-6 month outfits!


3 different people messaged us they wanted to get us baby photos for Tristan since we are unable to afford them. I have to pay on the 12th this month or lose them forever. I reposted my fundly campaign in hopes to remind them but if it doesn’t work we won’t be able to get any photos from his 1 month shoot. It is what it is but I’m hoping we can at least get the small package. I’m going to list my breast pump for sale online and see if I can earn some money for them. Ugh :/

Baby wearing is so nice